Stun gun is the most unique and important device of now-a-day. You cannot carry guns with yourself for your own security as it is illegal to be in possession of them. You need to have special permission from the government and need a license for it, which is again not a cake walk. So the question is how can one ensure his/her own safety without relying merely on police force or others? Therefore, we have introduced Stun Gun in India as to keep one safe and it is an alternative to typical guns. Everybody has the right to defend himself/herself and can do anything for their safety, so the use of stun guns is the need of the hour. But first we need to understand that what is stun teaser gun and its need. It is a self defense weapon which finds many uses for security purpose and to safeguard oneself from any kind of trouble. The device is also known as electric shock gun as it indices electric shock in the body of the attacker as soon as that person is attacked with this device leaving that person unconscious for approximately few minutes or hours and meanwhile the time that person lays unconscious you can escape and seek help. It is considered as ladies safety weapons because it allows them to use it in their every worst situation and keeps them safe. We have seen it in movies police officials using it in fact in many countries police officials and other law enforcement agencies are granted privilege to keep and make use of stun taser guns to keep crime rates and any nuisance under control. Many senior citizens live alone during day time as their families go to work and the neighborhood knows that senior citizens are alone during this time.

Hence prompting burglars to attack their house as they are physically and mentally weak and can be easily over powered but with having self defense stun gun, they can deter and kind of chaos and can feel safe. What makes it unique is the fact that anyone can use it as it is not heavy like normal guns perhaps it is so light that it can be fitted into bags, vehicles. Therefore Stun Guns in India is crucial and with respect to safety concerns it is the need of the hour. It is designed in the form of mobile phone, lipstick, torchlight, making them covert so that no one can suspect that you are carrying a gun as a safety device. People you can easily buy self defense stun gun in India online from Action India Home Products website and offline from spy shops, stores and dealers at very cheap price. Lipstick stun gun is very easy to tackle by women and they can easily carry it in their purse. However, we have a wide range of Electronic Shock Gun products like Cell Phone Style Stun Gun, Stun Gun For Daily Use, Expandable Type Stun Baton, Police Stun Baton, Ultra Compact Stun Gun, Taiwan Police Force Stun Gun, Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons, Electric taser gun, Lipstick Stun Gun For Girls and much more to come. They are light weight and portable that they can be carried along with everywhere with ease. Anyone interested in buying Electric Shock Stun Gun in Delhi, India can visit our spy shop or even buy online through our site. We offer Stun Gun at Cheaper Price with the best of quality with one year guarantee. This product is the best safety device for the girls. The price of girl safety device in Delhi, India is affordable for them. We believe to fulfill the satisfaction of our customers and it is our priority.

Q. Where one can find stun gun?

Ans. Stun gun is available at Action India Home Products website and spy product shops.

Q. What will be the3 guarantee period of stun gun effectiveness?

Ans. It is life time investment but we give you 1 year guarantee period.

Q. How stun gun works?

Ans. It indices an electric current when you apply it on the attacker’s body and leave him in unconscious condition for approx 30 minutes.

Q. Is electric stun gun available in Delhi too?

Ans. It is online available for everyone and any corner of the country. But, you can also visit spy gadget’s shops for buying it.